Enter the Human Protocol

Creating a frictionless world, personalized to your needs.

We want to live in a world where every object around us can securely recognize our physical presence with our permission to provide us with a frictionless experience, personalized to our individual needs and preferences.

One world, one life, one signal, that you and only you own.

To achieve our vision, we’re creating a unique identity signal for every person on the planet and making it universally accessible, secure, and private. This magical signal augments you in the physical-world so that anything around you that you authorize will be able to detect your personal signal and use it to query for relevant information needed to provide you a better service or experience, all while steadfastly protecting your privacy and ensuring all interactions are secure and controlled by you.

There’s a glitch in the matrix

We believe most important technologies in the world don’t seek your attention, they work for you, they empower you, and they get out of the way, so you can focus your attention on what matters most - living your life.

We wanted flying cars, instead we got a million apps, a billion tweets, an infinite array of shiny gadgets, and the endless anticipation of more to come. We live in a world where technology is turning us into possessed zombies, taking all of our attention and our ability to pay attention. Are things really getting better — or, are we just slaves to the technologies that we’re surrounded with, all fighting for our attention.

By collecting all our data, these technologies have become so finely tuned to efficiently grab and keep our attentions to show us more ads, to collect and share our personal data, and turning them into profits. It’s a vicious cycle on a global scale, no-wonder so many of the worlds largest internet companies want our attention, no wonder they said privacy doesn’t matter, no wonder they want us to talk to their gadgets, to record our every word, and follow our every move, or read our every message, and intercept our every thought, one notification at a time.

So we’re fighting back, and the front lines of this battle is where the digital world meets the physical world. We’re creating technologies that amplifies our human capabilities and humanity and empowering a movement to take back control of our privacy, our sense of self, our humanity, our individuality.

We start by removing the friction, complexity, and distractions of your day-to-day physical world interactions. We’re using technology to fight technology so you can live your life, in the moment, with real people, doing real things, feeling real emotions, creating lasting memories.

The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it. Mark Weiser

We have lost the feeling of individual empowerment and to a certain extent, our optimism for a future we want.

The journey towards a frictionless world begins with a universal identity signal

We're just getting started, working on the hardest problems first, to solve for what matters the most: your privacy, your security, your identity, and removing friction from everyday things that get in your way.

We’re reinventing what it means to own your digital identity. We transform all human-to-machine interactions into tokenized packets of interactivity so that everything you interact with is a one-time secure ephemeral token.

To decentralize your identity and provide a path to a self-sovereign world we're leveraging blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Only now has it become possible to solve for a universal identity that you control and own and create a physical presence protocol that empowers us and transforms the way we experience our world.

We spend over half of our lives in the workplace, so we think it’s a great place to start -- powering up your identity signal to make your daily work experience more seamless and magical. Soon we'll be expanding beyond buildings and workplaces to unlock the full potential of this new way to interact with the world.

We believe the best products and platforms that stand the test of time come into being by solving real-world problems and providing real business value. From day one, we’ve set out to achieve this by deploying our prototypes, technologies and products in the real world for real people to use, everyday, who don’t care about the underlying technology.

Our users care about the experiences we create, and how it makes their lives better. There’s no theoretical ideas or technical white papers selling grandiose world changing fantasies that’s completely devoid and out of touch with real people and the real world. We focus on real world applications, real technology, and empowering real humans using it every day, bringing real value to all.

We are entering a new age... the age of augmented humans.

The principles that drive us

We are driven by the vision of augmenting each of us with technology that amplifies our human-experience and empowering us with a universal identity signal for all humans. So, we’ve come together to build your Proxy with the shared belief in the following principles:

Our team in action

Privacy and self-sovereignty are paramount

We believe privacy is a human right and is not something to be held at ransom. We believe you own your personal data and digital self as much as your physical self and you should hold absolute authority on how your data is shared and used.

Security is our responsibility

We believe the security of your information, data, and interactions is our responsibility and we hold ourselves accountable to design and build technologies that keep your information secure and private.

Our job is to humanize technology

We believe technology should bend around humans, instead of humans bending around technology. We believe technology serves to amplify our human capabilities, not to replace or degrade them.

We value openness and community

We believe the world is better when we share ideas and grow together. We believe in the open source community, contribute our work, and participate in open source projects like MyNewt, Distributed ID W3C, Hyperledger.

Join the movement

We are building the future of how humans experience the physical world around them. Join the many engineers, product managers, designers, operators and others who have come from companies such as Apple, Google, Tesla, Ripple, WeWork, Uber, and others to be part of our journey.

One world, one life, one signal unique to you, augmenting you and personalizing everything around you.

Welcome to the human protocol...

by Proxy

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