Mobile access for small businesses like yours

Proxy delivers affordable mobile access that’s easy to install, easy to manage, and a joy for employees and visitors to use.

How Proxy transforms small business

When you run a small business, your technology has to be as reliable as your people, and Proxy now makes the world’s premier mobile access solution affordable for small businesses.

Mobile Reader Edge

Proxy's mobile reader sets the industry standard in reliability because it doesn’t require wifi or cell service to operate and features a lifetime warranty.

Mobile Reader Edge

Mobile Access Manager

Proxy's modern access management dashboard allows you to manage access through any desktop browser, tablet or smartphone and keep a record of times when people access your business.

Mobile Access Manager

Proxy ID App

Proxy offers a simple mobile app that your staff and contractors can use as a digital wallet containing virtual access cards that give keyless, mobile access to your entry points.

Proxy ID

Small Business Features

Works with or without existing controllers

Proxy’s removes the need for costly controller hardware by leveraging the cloud but can also work with existing controllers already in place.

Managing access is now a breeze

With Proxy, you can grant and revoke access with just a click or tab from an intuitive web or mobile application.

Priced for small businesses

Proxy has simple pricing plans built for your business that offers an unlimited number of mobile credentials for employees, contractors, and visitors.

Simple installation

Proxy has the easiest install of any mobile access solution because it doesn’t require controller hardware and our experts will help coordinate the install with a local locksmith.

Supports any electric door lock

Proxy works with all electrified latches, strikes, or mag-locks making it easy to enable any door, gate, or garage.

Standardized access across building and locations

Proxy enables you to seamlessly deploy keyless access to all your buildings and locations giving you one simple way to control access to everything.

Proxy’s access experience is flawless, its modern interface is easy to use, and it doesn’t need controllers, making it very affordable.

David Yang
David YangCo-Founder

Unify your tools and systems with Proxy’s APIs and Mobile SDKs

Proxy provides modern, cloud-based APIs and Mobile SDKs so customers can create their own custom experiences.

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