The premium mobile access experience for residents

Provide frictionless entry for tenants and guests and a simple access-management dashboard for property managers.

The keyless access solution landlords have been waiting for.

Seamless smartphone access

Enable your residents, real estate agents, and contractors to securely access to your buildings at the times you define using nothing but their smartphone or wearable device.

Keep existing keycards and fobs

Proxy eases mobile access migration by allowing residents to choose mobile access or continue using existing keycards.

Access granted

Proxy enables residents to grant visitors access to the lobby without leaving their apartment and lets managers grant temporary access to contractors and visitors with a single click.

Made for every access point

Proxy’s line of mobile readers brings mobile access to any door, turnstile, elevator call, garage, gate, and more, even those not currently connected to your access control system.

Community Spaces






Step into the future with Proxy Mobile Access.

Proxy Multi-Family Residential Solutions

Upgrading an existing keycard or fob system?

Enable keyless entry

Proxy makes it simple to migrate to mobile access while supporting legacy keycards and fobs.

Works with existing infrastructure

Proxy enables landlords to leverage existing systems and maintain current workflows while adding mobile access.

Building a new mobile access system?

Skip keycards and go mobile

Proxy provides secure and seamless mobile access to any access point without the need for costly controllers and keycard credentials.

Manage building access from anywhere

Proxy’s cloud-based dashboard enables lets you manage access across tenants from anywhere in the world.

Multi-Family Residential Features

The hospitality experience

With Proxy, tenants and visitors are welcomed by name and enjoy premium, hotel-like hospitality experiences.

Unlimited mobile credentials

Our system enables you to enroll an unlimited number of employee, tenant, visitor, and contractor credentials at no cost.

State-of-the-art lifestyle

Proxy lets’ you integrate state-of-the-art technology that leverages residents’ smartphones and wearables to create premium lifestyle experiences.

Simple, affordable pricing

Our easy-to-understand pricing model provides real ROI and doesn’t break the bank at scale.

OTA security updates

Our mobile readers provide Over-The-Air firmware and security updates and real-time system health monitoring.

Fastest path to entire system upgrade

Proxy supports most existing RFID card credentials and works seamlessly with your existing system.

Security and Privacy that go beyond compliance

Proxy insists on adhering to security and privacy practices that exceed the requirements of SOC-2 and GDPR, and continuously works with external auditors to ensure the highest grade of security and privacy are met consistently over time.



Proxy regularly audits and tests its cross-functional security practices.


Proxy believes in the self-sovereignty of personal data.

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