Presence Aware

A sense and react technology that transforms your workplace and buildings into intelligent responsive spaces offering personalized experiences.

Create the ultimate workplace and building experience

Proxy’s patented Presence Aware technology transforms the way we experience the workplace and beyond by giving people magical, automated, and personalized ways to interact with the spaces and devices around them.

Automated personalization

Leverage employees’ Proxy signals to automate unique building experiences and reduce friction with technology in the workplace.

Hospitality experience

Enable building personnel and technology to instantly recognize employees and their needs, creating true hospitality in the workplace.

Resource optimization

Understand resource utilization in real time so you can optimize real estate resources to better serve employees’ needs.

Presence is the future

Proxy’s Presence Aware brings buildings into the future.

Smart Workplace

Proxy powers the smart workplace revolution by enabling the building and its technology to personalize itself for occupants and create truly hospitable interactions. Smart workplace use cases include:

Smart Building

With Proxy, buildings come alive with realtime information and insights into how the space is being used and how the building can perfectly adapt resources given current conditions. Smart building use cases include:

Smart IT and Cybersecurity

With Proxy, IT and cybersecurity teams can now layer physical world data into its IT systems and operations to drastically improve security and bring new data capabilities into many IT functions. Smart IT use cases include:

Privacy by Design

Proxy’s Presence Aware platform is designed to serve, not track, employees. It gives users complete control over their privacy, and they can opt-in or opt-out at any time with any Presence-enabled product or service. No information is ever shared or sold, and only authorized administrators are allowed to determine identity based on company policies and requirements.

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Responsive Spaces and Experiences

Proxy Presence Aware Platform enables building and workspaces to sense and react to people and objects, creating responsive environments and personalized experiences

Imagination is the boundary

Proxy Presence is an open, developer friendly platform that allows you to seamlessly integrate physical space, services, and technology with anything you can imagine to create an enhanced user experience for the workplace and beyond.

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