Mobile Reader Nano

The powerful mobile access module you can install in small spaces.

Instant, secure access. Always reliable.

Proxy’s patented mobile access solution is hands down the most reliable on the market because it was purposefully developed to deliver the performance and experience the most demanding enterprises require.

Say hello to a new kind of access card

Introducing Proxy Mobile Access and Mobile Identity – which together provide a truly magical experience at the door and beyond.

Proxy Identity Signal

Seamless Access

Proxy offers multiple options for configuring access to each door, giving you and your employees complete control of the entry experience.

  • Phone tap-in

    Just wave your phone near the reader, no need to open the app

  • Watch tap-in

    Wave your watch or push a button on the screen

  • Hands-free

    Just walk in and the door unlocks as you approach

  • Biometric

    Require FaceID or TouchID when you want extra security

Give your employee and tenant experience a lift

Proxy Mobile Reader Nano can be embedded alongside existing card readers that support Wiegand, such as those in elevator dispatch. This creates a frictionless curb-to-office access experience that employees and tenants love, while also and making multi-tenant access management a breeze.

Perfect for high-traffic lobbies

With an external antenna and configurable ranging, Proxy Mobile Reader Nano delivers high accuracy in close proximity to other Proxy readers, and low latency in high-traffic areas with many Proxy mobile signals, making it the perfect solution for lobby turnstiles.

The highest security with encrypted tokenization

Proxy uses a patented tokenization architecture that ensures personal information is never transmitted over insecure networks like Bluetooth. Access credentials are sent in a uniquely encrypted, one-time, authenticated vault, enabling offline verification while significantly improving performance and enabling imaginative use cases beyond the door.


Carrier Frequency


Power Supply

5V - 24V DC


38.1mm x 27.9mm x 14.3mm (H x L x W)


Operation: -35° to 66°C (-31° to 149°F) Storage: -35° to 85°C (-31° to 185°F)

Operating Humidity

5 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)


Terminal connectors and BLE

Firmware Upgrade


Cable Length

Wiegand 152 m/500 ft (22 AWG shielded wire)




1x Nano, 2x mounting tape, 3x external antenna

System Requirements

Compatible iOS or Android device with Proxy app


Limited Lifetime

Discover how Proxy can help transform your workplace.

Download datasheet

User Manual and Install Guide

Download the Mobile Reader Nano User Manual and Install Guide to understand what steps are involved in getting Proxy up and running.