Mobile Reader Nano

The world’s smallest mobile reader that fits inside turnstiles, elevators, and existing card readers.

Small size. Big possibilities.

Mobile Reader Nano packs the Proxy mobile access experience people love into an incredibly small package and seamlessly works with any existing door hardware or access control system.

Seamless Access

Proxy offers multiple options for configuring access to each door, giving you and your employees complete control of the entry experience.

  • Phone tap-in

    Wave your phone near the reader like a card or fob

  • Hands-free

    Just walk in and the door unlocks as you approach

  • Biometric

    Require facial or fingerprint recognition for extra security

With Proxy, we can give our employees, contractors, and visitors a mobile access experience they love, while actually bolstering security.

Christopher Bauer
Christopher BauerPhysical Security Systems Architect

Upgrade your old reader’s look with included covers

Mobile Reader Nano comes with premium Proxy faceplates to upgrade the appearance of existing mullion, mini-mullion, and wallbox size card readers so people know they can use their Proxy Signal for access.
  1. 01Install the Nano hardware

    Connect Mobile Reader Nano behind the card reader to the existing access cable.

  2. 02Install the cover

    Proxy’s faceplate cover slips on legacy card readers so users know where they can use Proxy.

  3. 03It’s ready to go

    Now both your existing keycards and smartphones can be used with your existing access system.

Carrier Frequency

2.4GHz (Bluetooth Low Energy)

Type of Equipment

Unsealed controller board suitable for indoor use only

Interface Type

Nano Inline: Screw Terminal Block (4 Position x 2) Nano Connect: Molex Connector, 4-pin, plug (x2)


Nano Inline: 28.2mm x 39.4mm x 13.2mm (H x L x W) Nano Connect: 28.2mm x 39.4mm x 5.2mm (H x L x W)

Operating Voltage Range

5V - 24V DC (12V recommended)

Current Draw

12 mA @ 12V

Power Consumption

1.5W (Max)

Credential Type

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE): Any bit format (standard or custom) up to 120 bits

Transmission Technology


Operating Temperature

-35° to 66°C (-31° to 149°F)

Operating Humidity

5 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)


Limited Lifetime

System Requirements

Compatible iOS or Android device with Proxy app

User Manual and Install Guide

Download the Mobile Reader Nano User Manual and Install Guide to understand what steps are involved in getting Proxy up and running.