Mobile Reader Edge

The easy-to-install system for keyless access to any workplace or building.

Made for any door, anywhere

Mobile Reader Edge’s revolutionary design and simplicity brings an all-in-one access control solution to any door without the cost and complexity of legacy systems.



Meeting Rooms

Residential Buildings



Your smartphone is your key

Introducing Proxy Access Cards and Proxy Mobile ID – which together provide a truly magical experience at the door and beyond.

Proxy Identity Signal

Seamless Access

Proxy offers multiple options for configuring access to each door, giving you and your employees complete control of the entry experience.

  • Phone tap-in

    Just wave your phone near the reader, no need to open the app

  • Watch tap-in

    Wave your watch or push a button on the screen

  • Hands-free

    Just walk in and the door unlocks as you approach

  • Biometric

    Require FaceID or TouchID when you want extra security

Managing access has never been easier

Proxy provides you with a truly seamless way to manage access either through our rich browser-based dashboard or directly within the mobile app for quick actions.

Browser-based mobile access manager

Administering access for 10 or 10,000 people is a breeze with our browser-based dashboard which enables you to grant and revoke access instantly, view activity, and manage your doors from anywhere at any time.

Mobile app access manager

Granting and revoking access on the fly is easy with the Proxy mobile app, so you can fulfill the majority of you management tasks from your smartphone

Mobile Access Manager

The highest security tokenization and encryption

Proxy uses a patented tokenization architecture that ensures personal information is never transmitted over insecure networks like Bluetooth. Mobile Reader Edge does not use traditional credentials, so there is nothing to intercept.


So simple to install, any locksmith can do it

Mobile Reader Edge is designed to be simple to install, so any locksmith can connect it to an electrified door strike, mortise lock, or mag-lock, using low voltage power supply.

Are you a locksmith? Join our ever-growing network of Proxy installers.Learn more

Carrier Frequency

2.4 GHz

Power Supply

12V DC


Reader: 128.3mm x 44.7mm x 24.6mm (H x L x W) Relay: 72mm x 44.5mm x 23.9mm (H x L x W)


Operating temperature: -35° to 66°C (-31° to 149°F) Storage: -35° to 85°C (-31° to 185°F)

Operating Humidity

5 to 95% relative humidity (non-condensing)


Pigtail, BLE, or WiFi

Status Indicator

Red or Green LED, Buzzer

Firmware Upgrade

Via BLE, or WiFi OTA

Cable Length

UART 30m (22 AWG / 24 AWG shielded twisted pair)






1x Edge relay,1x Edge reader, 2x mounting plate, 2x mounting hardware

System Requirements

Compatible iOS or Android device with Proxy app

Environmental Protection

Reader: IP55 Relay: IP54


Limited Lifetime

Discover how Proxy can help transform your workplace.

Download datasheet

User Manual and Install Guide

Download the Mobile Reader Edge User Manual and Install Guide to understand what steps are involved in getting Proxy up and running.