Unlock a smarter access experience

Proxy Mobile Access is the modern, secure way to give your employees and visitors access throughout the workplace using their phone.

Instant, secure access. Always reliable.

Proxy’s award-winning mobile access solution is hands down the most reliable on the market, with enterprise-grade security features required for the most secure buildings.

Access is seamless

With Proxy, you can tailor the experience of each access point using an intuitive policy creation dashboard.

  • Phone tap-in

    Wave your phone near the reader like a card or fob

  • Hands-free

    Just walk in and the door unlocks as you approach

  • Biometric

    Require facial or fingerprint recognition for extra security

  • Cards

    Use your existing keycards and fobs

A new kind of access card

Proxy ID is an app that runs on your smartphone. It authenticates your identity and opens the door to smarter workplace experiences.

Identity Signal

Hardware for any access point

Whether you’re retrofitting an existing door or setting up a new space, Proxy’s easy-to-install hardware can get you up and running in minutes.

Connect access systems across buildings

Proxy can connect to multiple access systems across offices, tying them together with universal mobile access so traveling employees can ditch multiple keycards.


Access software for the mobile era

Proxy’s modern and intuitive cloud-based dashboard makes it easy to manage your Proxy hardware, users, and policies across locations worldwide.