Mobile Access Manager

The most intuitive way to manage access to your workplace or building.

Simple, yet powerful

Proxy’s modern cloud-based Mobile Access Manager makes managing access to your building incredibly simple regardless of the number of users you manage.

Unlimited users, doors, buildings, or sites

Proxy Mobile Access Manager supports an unlimited number of users, roles, groups, doors and sites from one centralized dashboard.

Manage access from any device, anywhere

Proxy lets you control and manage access on any browser, tablet, or phone from anywhere in the world.

Easy-to-follow on-boarding

Proxy makes onboarding easy for your employees and visitors by offering an intuitive email-based access card acceptance workflow.

Discover how Proxy Mobile Access Manager™ can help you build the workplace of the future.

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Affordable and full-featured

Proxy delivers a full-featured access management solution that gives you the ability to delegate multiple levels of access depending on a user’s group or role.

Mobile App

Proxy’s mobile app gives you visibility on the go and enables you to access multiple buildings, grant/revoke access on the fly, and invite visitors and guests all from your smartphone.

Reporting in a snap

Proxy streamlines reporting with a simple filter-based system and enables you to generate, analyze, and share reports from anywhere.


With Proxy you can schedule the time windows people can access the doors or buildings you manage with simple to use schedule management tools.

Supports guests and visitors

Guest and visitor access

Proxy enables you to share the magical Proxy experience with guests and define what doors they can access for what time period.

Temporary IDs*

With Proxy you can give visitors and guests a virtual ID card that lets your employees identify them onsite and monitor their location. *Coming in 2019

Receptionist iPad app*

Proxy enables receptionists to unlock doors wirelessly from their desk using the simple Proxy iPad app. *Coming in 2019

Perfect for tenants and landlords

Landlord and tenant access

Proxy lets landlords and tenants manage access discretely while maintaining control of the building

Multi-site management

Whether you are a tenant or landlord, you can manage multiple offices or buildings all from one cloud account.

Zone sharing

Proxy lets landlords share access to common areas while giving tenants control of their own office access.

Customized feel

Proxy enables you to customize your access card design to match your brand.

Guest and Visitor ID Passes*

With Proxy you can give visitors and guests a virtual ID pass that lets you monitor visitor traffic and provide them with the same magical experience you provide your employees. *Coming in 2019

Complete control over the workplace

Proxy takes mobile access to the next level with a system designed specifically for enterprises, commercial properties, and small businesses.

Multiple ways to access

Proxy offers multiple options for configuring access to each door, giving you and your employees complete control of the entry experience.

  • Phone tap-in

    Just wave your phone near the reader, no need to open the app

  • Watch tap-in

    Wave your watch or push a button on the screen

  • Hands-free

    Just walk in and the door unlocks as you approach

  • Biometric

    Require FaceID or TouchID when you want extra security

Integrate physical presence with anything you can imagine

Proxy Presence Platform is an open, developer friendly platform that allows you to seamlessly integrate physical space, services, and technology to create an enhanced user experience for the workplace and beyond.

Presence Aware

Mobile access that’s simple, secure, and affordable

Proxy Mobile Edge Reader and Mobile Access Manager enable access control for anyone, anywhere.

Affordable and full-featured

Proxy built Mobile Access Manager to support the needs of every organization, but at a price that every organization can afford.

Mobile Access Manager


per reader / month

Free unlimited mobile access and users

Proxy doesn’t charge per user or per credential, you simply pay based on the number of doors you’re securing with mobile access.

No on-prem servers needed

Proxy’s powerful cloud service transforms any existing access system into a mobile access system simply by upgrading your readers.

Hassle-free administration

With Proxy’s user-friendly management, you won't have to engage IT to add or remove credentials.

Manage from anywhere

Use the Proxy mobile app to manage access and invite users and visitors anytime, anywhere.

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