Your Identity Signal

Proxy is your digital identity signal that unlocks a world of frictionless access and personalized experiences

A unique signal that represents you in the physical world

Proxy transforms your smartphone or wearable into a personal identity signal that allows you to access and experience the physical world around you in an exciting, new, personalized way.

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Proxy digital identity signal

Experience the world like never before

Enjoy frictionless access to your workplace and more

Proxy empowers you to access any Proxy-enabled workplace, community space, or building with your smartphone instead of antiquated keycards or fobs.

Insanely easy to use

Proxy works passively and securely in the background so you don’t need to launch the app for that magical hands-free experience.

Privacy your way

Your information and privacy is our top priority, so we don’t share anything with any Proxy-enabled devices unless you’ve specifically authorized it.

Unlock personalized experiences

Proxy empowers you to consensually share your secure identification with any Proxy enabled device so it can automatically know your preferences and personalize your experience.

Security you can trust

Instead of sharing your real identity or personal information, Proxy only passes securely encrypted one-time tokens with its readers, ensuring your data is never compromised or exposed.

Battery power protection

Proxy mobile technology leverages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) so you can use it hundreds of times throughout your day without draining your battery.

Unlock the world with 
your own personal signal

The places you know immediately sense and react to your Proxy Signal, providing you with hassle-free access to your office, your gym, or your apartment building. Stop fumbling with keys and keycards and start experiencing frictionless mobile access.

Replace your card with your signal

Proxy’s smartphone app transmits your Proxy Identity Signal to replace access cards and IDs.

Proxy Mobile ID

Securely identify yourself throughout the workplace, building, campus, and beyond.

Proxy Access Cards

Access cards represent all the things you have access to, including buildings, offices, venues, and more.

Digital key sharing

Share temporary access to your office, shop, apartment building, and more without physical keys or cards.

Secure, private, and powerful

Securely Encrypted and Tokenized

Proxy is built with tokenization technology and uses powerful cryptography and encryption that allows you to connect with any device securely.

Restoring the balance

Your privacy is always our first priority, that’s why we give you complete controls to choose what can detect your signal and what information you share. You are in complete control and can revoke access to your signal at any time.

Privacy is in the DNA

Your Proxy Signal is unique and private and can only be detected by the things you allow, giving you full visibility and control over your personal identity signal and your data.

Magical is powerful

Your Proxy Signal is designed to work with everything - from buildings and workspaces to devices and services - to provide you with magical experiences that will change the way you interact with the world around you.

Enter the human protocol

We’re reinventing the way people interact with the physical world and turning the terms of service convention on its head by making services agree to your terms.

Turn on your signal

Download the Proxy ID app and start experiencing the world around you in a whole new way.

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