Government ID

Proxy Mobile ID.
No wallet required.No wallet required.

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Store all your IDs digitally.
Share them whenever, privately.

Imagine carrying your driver’s license, social security card and passport without ever having to dig them out of your pocket. Present your totally encrypted ID with who you want, when you want right from your phone.

Digitize your ID cards

Just upload a photo of each ID and request verification and identify yourself wherever it’s needed.

Government supported

Proxy supports over 9000 ID documents from over 190 countries.

Your data. Your terms

Your mobile IDs always stay private. You control how they’re shared and you can revoke them anytime.

Identify yourself securely.
Everywhere you go.Everywhere you go.

Package pickups have never been simpler.

Lose your plastic IDs once and for all.

Upload your ID. Verify your ID. Store your ID. Use your ID. It's as simple as that.

Verify your age, name, or address without sharing your government ID cards again.

How to verify your Mobile ID

Simply scan the phone of whomever needs your ID and, yeah, that’s it.


Scan your friend’s phone nearby

Turn on your Mobile IDTurn on your Mobile ID

Start identifying yourself today.

Text me a link to download the app on my phone.

Proxy Mobile ID
for businesses.for businesses.

It has never been easier for your customers and members to verify their identity or personal info.

How it works

Get started in 3 easy steps.

Step 1: Download app

Download the Proxy Check-in app on your company phone or iPad.

Step 2: Set scan mode

Select the data you’d like to request, from birthdate to name and address.

Step 3: Use

Start verifying IDs with total privacy for your customers or members.

The era of checking IDs by hand ends here. Get started today.

Fullstack Academy

However you ID, we ID.

Badging in no longer requires a badge.

Corporate ID

The smartest way for students to identify themselves.

Student ID

Visitors no longer need to feel like they’re visitors.

Visitor ID