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We’re on a mission to create magical, human-centric experiences in the physical world. This journey won’t be short or easy, and we’re just getting started.

A unique signal for every person on the planet

Proxy is creating a unique identity signal for every person on the planet that incorporates their privileges, preferences, and context to augment how they interact with the world around them. 
 Today, leading companies like Uber, WeWork, Dropbox, Accenture and CRE owner/operators Boston Properties, Hines, CBRE and others deploy Proxy to enable frictionless access and personalized experiences through the workplace and buildings.

Does this sound like something worth working on?

Why Proxy?

At Proxy, you’ll be working to build a future in which technology augments and personalizes our experience in the physical world. Every day you’ll be challenged and learn from brilliant people around you. We’ll invest in you every step of the way as we build this future together.

How we work

Be kind

The destination is important but so is the way we get there. We are in this together.


It’s called hard tech for a reason. But if it was easy everyone would do it.

Learn quickly

We’re inventing the future of identity in the physical world, which means there’s no playbook. We learn fast to keep pushing forward.

No politics

We encourage disagreement and debate, but when we make a decision, we commit and are all in together.

Aim high

Good is never good enough. Never settle for something that isn’t exceptional.

Opportunities to make your mark

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