As employees return to the office, feel confident that you can bring them back to work safely.

Proxy Health enables you to monitor health credentials for anyone entering the office.

Privacy and security come first

Health credentials are a part of users’ digital identity signal. Their personal information is stored locally and is shared in a verifiable, privacy preserving way.

A solution built on standards

We follow CDC and NHS guidelines, are members of the Identity Federation, Good Health Pass Consortium, and a partner with Color COVID-19 testing.

Flexibility to meet your needs

We support multiple types of health credentials; COVID-19 vaccine certificates, COVID-19 test results and health screen surveys. You choose the requirements necessary to enter your spaces.

Stay healthy.
Stay compliant.Stay compliant.

Proxy Health enables you to meet regulatory standards and manage liability.

All it takes is an iPad to start.

Download the Check-in app on an iPad and station it at your entrance. Provision it to require a specific health status for people to check in. When they arrive, people with the Proxy app simply tap their phone to the kiosk. If they meet the requirements, they will be checked in.

Download the Check-in App

Continuously monitor check-ins and create reports with the Proxy Dashboard.

Sync your Check-in Kiosks with the Proxy Dashboard to see a live stream of check-ins. Get aggregate stats of site activity. Keep track of who is vaccinated and generate reports to prove that your space is compliant.

Know who has checked in

Search, filter, and report on every check-in using the Proxy Dashboard. You can sign up for daily, weekly or monthly reports sent directly to your email.

Get real-time alerts

Get notified if there’s ever an incident. Our dashboard makes it easy to contact trace and keep people healthy.

Monitor office health

When employees share their health status, you can have confidence that the right people are on site. We never save the document itself, only health status.

Start using Proxy Health today

Step 1: Download

Download the Proxy Check-in app on your iPad and place it at an entrance.

Step 2: Check in

Have employees download Proxy ID on their phone, fill out their Health Pass and then check in.

Step 3: Monitor

Set up a Proxy Dashboard and connect your kiosks to monitor activity and create reports.

Put the Proxy Health Suite to work for you.

Monitor who’s vaccinated, regulate who can enter your spaces and maintain records for compliance.

Proxy Health Pricing



Good for a single kiosk app for iOS and includes a dashboard for traceability, compliance, and real-time visibility.

* Requires annual prepaid agreement.

Custom health requirements and surveys

Verify with proof of vaccination and/or negative COVID-19 test result

Health documents visually verified

Daily, weekly, and monthly reports

Searchable check-in logs

Incident notifications

iPad Check-in app

Unlimited users/employees can be added to your dashboard

Unlimited administrators can be assigned to access the dashboard

All support (phone, web, email) included



Recommended for 2+ kiosks. Get a plan customized for your needs.

Everything in Basic, plus:

SOC2 compliance & auditing

Okta SCIM integration

SLA & support

Manage multiple locations

Test out the Proxy Dashboard with real data

Preferred pricing

Month to month pricing options available


14-day free trial

Fast, secure, and privacy-preserving.

Get a jumpstart with Proxy Health Pass, free for 14 days — no credit card required.

iPad check-in app

Full access to the platform

As many or as few sites as you'd like to test out

Test out the Proxy Dashboard with real data