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Proxy Physical Access

With Proxy, you can integrate access rules deep into your own application, bridge multiple access control systems across the globe, or simply breathe new life into your existing system. Learn how to use the Proxy Physical Access API to manage access to your space.


Available now


Physical Access API

Learn how to synchronize your existing access control list with Proxy
Proxy digital identity signal

Proxy Mobile SDK

With Proxy, humans represent themselves digitally in the physical world by emitting a unique signal from their smartphones. You can embed the Proxy Mobile SDK within your own apps and authenticate your users to Proxy devices in the world.


Available now

Coming soon

  • Wearable SDK

Proxy Embedded SDK

Get involved with the hardware layer and build your own sensors to detect Proxy signals. Embed Proxy’s signaling capabilities within your hardware devices and create unique identity and proximity driven experiences.


Coming soon

  • Embedded SDK

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