Best Practices | November 05, 2021

Celebrating its 6th Anniversary, Work Nicer Embraces Community to Leverage Growth

by Proxy

What do medical professionals, massage therapists, marketing and communication creatives, event planners, French teachers, custom jewelers, HR consultants and recruiters all have in common? In Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, they are all members of Work Nicer -- a unique coworking community that reaches far beyond desk space and brick walls.

Work Nicer, a Proxy client, was founded by Alex Putici in 2015 when he felt disconnected in his remote work environment. Ten of his friends joined him to officially form Work Nicer, and they now encompass four physical outpost locations that feature large event spaces, board rooms, and most importantly, a robust network of community-minded individuals. Work Nicer is celebrating its sixth anniversary this week, and it has doubled in size each year of its existence.

“The whole idea of Work Nicer is opposed to the traditional idea of coworking space -- that’s a no-no word for us,” said Justin Weleschuk, Achiever of Better at Work Nicer. “For us, the whole idea is to have a community of folks coming together. We provide members many different tools to be productive: corporate phone plans, board rooms, networking, Internet, coffee, beer, the list goes on! We help our clients focus on building their business, not what’s around it.” 

For a company based around the idea of bringing people together, a global pandemic with strict social distancing laws might have been a serious setback. Work Nicer, however, saw their community grow closer and stronger virtually in 2020. Their membership numbers increased by several hundred, and they even purchased their largest competitor.

Once restrictions on gathering in Alberta began to lift, Work Nicer was positioned to reopen their outposts safely with Proxy Health. Each outpost was already equipped with Proxy Access so that members can easily enter each location using only their phone. 

“We don’t have reception - we’ve been using Proxy Access for five years already so members can enter each outpost without different keys or scan cards,” Weleschuk said. “When we learned restrictions were lifting, we had four days to get set up with Proxy Health, and it was seamless. A lot of our members had downloaded the app and loaded their COVID-19 vaccination cards before we managed to set up the iPads -- they were ready to come back! We now have Proxy Health Pass iPads at the front door of each outpost, and it’s been a great solution.” 

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