Best Practices | September 29, 2021

Vaccine and Test Verification Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

by Proxy

Proxy Health is Scalable to Enterprise-level but Accessible to Small Businesses

By now, HR and People leaders have seen it all. 

We’ve seen health pass solutions use expensive temperature check kiosks that require large investments with unreliable results. We’ve seen health pass solutions provide an unsecured QR code with nowhere to use it easily. We’ve also seen health pass check-in solutions not utilize dashboards for contact tracing and reporting. 

At Proxy, we don’t do those things.

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Proxy Health will give your employees the fastest and easiest way to show proof of vaccination or test/survey results, while providing you with flexible options to have both safe offsite meetings and a seamless return to the office.

You read that right. Options

As an HR leader, you shouldn’t be pigeonholed into something that only meets half your needs or won’t be a viable long-term solution due to cost or lack of interoperability. Not to mention, small HR teams don’t have the capacity to do the heavy lifting of onboarding a new process or platform. Our scalable solutions allow for the use of kiosks or dashboards, or kiosks and dashboards with a pick-your-plan approach. We want you to enable return to the office and return to life while reducing liability and without sacrificing employee privacy.

With a full suite of services to a la carte products, getting Proxy Health up and running mitigates challenges you would face with other unscalable, rigid approaches —all in a straightforward 3-step process. However, should you need it, we also have a team of Customer Success professionals ready to offer hands-on assistance.

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