Best Practices | December 08, 2021

Party On! Corporate Holiday Parties are Back, but How will HR Ensure Safety?

by Proxy

HR and People leaders are making plans to help their team members get together safely this holiday season.

Researchers at the Ohio State University found that 51% of people would ask guests of holiday parties to wear masks, down from 67%. Half of those surveyed said they would ask guests’ of their vaccination status, while 46% said they would require a negative COVID-19 test from unvaccinated partygoers. This can make for some pretty awkward conversation under the mistletoe! 

Many companies are ditching the Zoom-based celebrations and returning to in-person holiday parties. While the idea of a company-wide holiday gathering is exciting, HR and People leaders are challenging their party planning committee to consider pandemic safety in addition to delicious food and decorations.

The good news is that safe, in-person gatherings are possible. With the correct tools in place, they can even be seamless and easy for both attendees and organizers. Employee vaccination and testing verification solutions are out there, and some methods are better than others. For instance, leaving the task of verifying vaccination status to the front desk of a venue or office building may seem like a good idea, but it leaves the HR team with no option for contact tracing and incident management. And, even though spreadsheets with employee vaccination and test status might initially be manageable by HR, they are prone to human error and lack security and data privacy for employees and guests. 

So, what’s the best solution? 

An end-to-end, enterprise-grade vaccine verification system that covers all scenarios -- parties, off-site meetings, and future RTO -- makes things easy and reduces liability. All-in-one software solutions like Proxy Health manage the process for you, providing company leaders and party hosts with a continuously updating stream of data, showing in real-time who is in attendance vaccinated or tested, while providing notification of incidents and more.

With unknown new variants on the rise, it’s more important than ever for party hosts and their counterparts in HR to verify vaccination documentation in a way that preserves privacy without taking away from employee experience. You can do both and get started in under 3 minutes with Proxy Health. Party on!