Product News | July 21, 2021

Getting Started with Proxy Health Pass

by Lisa Rabenau

We recently announced the launch of Proxy Health, a workplace health pass designed and built to make the experience of checking in at the office and verifying your health status as seamless and frictionless as possible — all without having to share personal health information. As more and more businesses are slowly making the transition to return to the office, having a safe, secure, and privacy-focused solution is more important than ever.

What is a digital health pass?

Rather than having to carry around and risk losing your physical COVID-19 vaccination card, a digital health pass like Proxy Health Pass empowers individuals to carry a digitized proof of vaccination, a recent negative test result, or an approved symptom-screening on their mobile device.

How is Proxy Health Pass different from the other health pass options out there?

Unlike other solutions in the market, Proxy is very easy to deploy so you can get started almost immediately. It’s also effortless to use and drastically reduces steps for admins as well as guests and employees. Lastly, it’s built on a privacy-first approach, so we make sure that none of the sensitive personal health documents are ever shared with anyone. Personal information is stored locally and is shared in a verifiable, privacy-preserving way.

Proxy Health for Workplace Administrators

Getting started with the Proxy Health Check-in Kiosk.

As a first step, administrators need to get the check-in kiosk ready. Start by creating a Proxy Health account for your company. Once the dashboard is set up, it’s as simple as 1-2-3.

  1. Add a check-in kiosk by downloading the Proxy Health Check-in app on an iPad, and choosing the check-in requirements.
  2. Add your employees. 
  3. View any check-in activity and receive incident alerts.

That’s it! All that’s left is placing the iPad in the location of your choice. We recommend somewhere near the entrance or reception area.

Proxy Health for Employees

Getting started with the Proxy Health Pass as an end-user.

Once the kiosk has been set up, guests and employees simply need to download the Proxy ID app on their devices and scan their vaccination record or proof of negative COVID-19 test. 

Step 1: Get vaccinated or get tested.
Step 2: Download the Proxy ID app from the app store (iOS or Android).
Step 3: Scan your vaccination record or complete the questionnaire.

That’s it! Three simple steps and employees will be ready to easily tap their phones at the check-in kiosk.

We’re excited to have been able to bring this solution to life and help ease the process of returning to the office.

Get started today with a 30-Day trial.

Proxy Health FAQs:

Is Proxy Health Pass secure?
Proxy Health meets the highest industry standards for COVID-19 safety protocols. As a privacy-first company, the solution is designed to enhance user privacy, and “bind” an individual’s identity to their test result or vaccination certificate, thus enabling real-time, fraud-resistant digital verification without having to transmit personal health information to employers or 3rd party systems.

Is asking for proof of vaccination a HIPAA violation? 
Proxy Health does not collect, store, nor transmit any employee personal health information — only valid proof of vaccination that you share. Making it completely HIPAA friendly. 

What is the Proxy Health Dashboard?
The Health Dashboard is a tool available to administrators that allows them to see site activity. In the dashboard, you’ll have access to information like: 

  • Number of people in the office
  • Percentage of check-ins that are vaccinated
  • Aggregate stats on-site activity 
  • Live stream of check-ins
  • Incident reports and notifications