Company News | January 25, 2022

Back to the Future

by Denis Mars, CEO

Proxy is transitioning to a web3 company

We’re excited to share that we’re going back to our roots as a digital identity hub and entering the world that some have named web3. To us, this simply means a world in which people own and control their identity and personal data in ways that empower them and their interactions.

Since the founding of this company in 2016, we have had the vision that someday people will own their data, take back their privacy, and control how they are identified by the services they use. This is what led us to found Proxy and what led to the company name itself. Your personal proxy, your own representation of your digital self.

We started our journey by building tokenized credential technology for people to access their workplace with just their smartphone. In only a few years, we changed the standard for physical access by demonstrating that smartphones can serve as a human’s personal identifier to gain entry into buildings and showing how to rid the world of plastic ID badges. 

When most workplaces shut down, we provided a privacy-preserving way for everyone to use their smartphone to prove their vaccination and testing status, allowing for continued safe access to physical spaces. Along the way, we saw the value of providing a privacy-first, human-first digital identity experience that people feel comfortable and confident using every day.

We believe it is time for us to take this further.

We are taking all of our lessons learned from building a personal identity product for mass adoption to bring the promise of web3, decentralization, and self-sovereign identity to everyone. We see potential for Proxy to bridge these ideas into everyday applications, to make them more accessible and be universally adopted. 

For us to succeed, we must have unwavering focus. Thus, we are scaling down our building access business, and we will no longer be manufacturing and selling physical access hardware (badge readers) and mobile access solutions. We are forever grateful to all of our wonderful customers and partners who have helped us in this business along the way, and we will continue to have their backs and support them.

Our team is now heads down building new ways for people to store and use their personal information in ways they can truly own and control, making Proxy the only virtual backpack you need to bring your complete digital self to any product or service.

In time, we will share more of what we are working on and will invite all of you to participate.