Meet your new access card: Your phone.

You’ve never gotten so much out of getting in.

Leave the badge at home.

Proxy replaces your employees’ badges with the smartphones they already have.

Access granted.

Your visitors can ask for access just by tapping their phone on a Proxy reader.

One platform. Total access.

Access your office, apartment, school and more all from your Proxy app.

Just walk in.
Yup, that’s it.Yup, that’s it.

Now, any device is a key.

Never sign-in again. Receive your guest invitation. Accept. Enter. That’s it.

Stop digging for your badge. Your phone is your badge.

The best way to open doors is already in your pocket.

Create your Proxy Access.Create your Proxy Access.

Text me a link to download the app on my phone.

Proxy Access
for businesses.for businesses.

The office just got a lot easier to access.

Happy employees

Imagine no long onboarding meetings, no badges to leave behind and no hassles.

Increase your efficiency

Provision 10 to 100,000 employees and give them access to their offices in minutes.

Easy guest verification

Make sure your office is safe and secure by requesting ID verification instantly.

Fullstack Academy

How it works

Let’s make getting into the office no big deal.

Step 1: Install

Get proxy powered readers and install them anywhere in your building.

Step 2: Connect

Connect to your current access and security system. No system change needed.

Step 3: Use

Login to your proxy dashboard and grant people access to your doors.

Proxy Access opens up everything.

With a suite of readers and sensors, Proxy makes doing business simpler than ever.

Get started with
Proxy Access.Proxy Access.