If you want the future done right, build it yourself

We’re passionate and driven creators, builders, inventors, mathematicians, artists, scientists, engineers, designers, thinkers, dreamers, and doers from around the world. What brings us together is creating a unique signal for every person on the planet to augment and personalize their experience in the physical world.

Creating a better future, one signal at a time

Technology that augments and personalizes the physical world is going to happen with or without us. Proxy exists because we’re convinced the best way to ensure this technology empowers people and moves society in a better direction is to do it ourselves.

Our Vision

Our principles guide everything we do

  1. 01

    Universal identity is foundational

    We believe creating a universal identity for every person and making it ubiquitous will open the world up to immeasurable new ways to improve peoples lives

  2. 02

    Privacy and self-sovereignty

    We believe your personal data should be used to empower and positively serve you, and should never be used for the sole benefit or profit of others

  3. 03

    Security and responsibility

    We believe trust is something we have to constantly earn through honesty, integrity and transparency in everything we do

  4. 04

    Humanize technology

    We believe the technologies that make the biggest impacts in our lives, are the ones that don’t seek our attention and instead become invisible in our daily lives

  5. 05

    Openness and community

    We believe in open source and the developer community and openly contribute our work and participate in open source projects so that everyone can benefit from the work we do

Number of personal signals in the world


and counting

What our customers think about Proxy

We could tell you the incredible things people do with Proxy, but instead we thought we’d let them speak for themselves.

Proxy Offices


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Tower B, 838 S. Huangpi Road
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