One identity signal.
Endless ways to use it.Endless ways to use it.

Your digitized vaccine credentials. Use them in good health.


Tap your phone.

Share your health status.

Verify your ID without digging for your wallet.

Digitize your driver’s license, passport and other ID cards.

Personal ID

Badge out of badging in at work.

Corporate ID

The smartest way to carry a student ID.

Student ID

Visitors will never be lost again.

Visitor ID

With Proxy, doors open for you.


Tap your phone.

Get to work.

Coming soon

Book space. Enter space. Get-to-Workspace.

Change your life
with your proxy.with your proxy.


A signal that represent you. And personalizes your world.

Private and secure

Own your data. Share on your terms. Revoke whenever.


Digitalize all your plastic cards. Always at hand. Ready to be shared.


Next billion-dollar companies


Upstart 100

Fast Company

Most innovative companies

It’s time for a smarter, more manageable workplace. We’ve got you.

Your Proxy is ready.Your Proxy is ready.

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