Virtual Service Edge (VSE)

Benu Networks’ next generation Virtual Service Edge (VSE) offers a new class of subscriber management, scale, and intelligence that can stitch network layer service logic into cloud service delivery in a programmatic way.   Benu Networks’ virtual solutions are focused on virtualizing CPE network functions in a unique architecture that leverage a service overlay and an SDN-based programmable platform called Virtual Service Edge (VSE).

The SDN approach separates the Data Plane Function from the Control Plane Function to virtualize CPE services. Open programmable interfaces (such as RESTful APIs and message queues) are leveraged from the Control Plane toward the Cloud and OSS/BSS systems. The VSE is based on an SDN implementation to virtualize CPE, addressing scale and service agility for Network Operators delivering Cloud-based managed services for Residential and B2B customer segments.  The platform will support a smooth evolution to Network Function Virtualization (NFV) as standards and best common practices become mature.